We are a restaurant in the historic center of Prague with a friendly atmosphere and tasty food. All ingredients are carefully selected, our meat is exclusively from Czech farms. We offer both traditional Czech dishes and specialties in our restaurant. We welcome you to spend some time in our restaurant on your way to Prague Castle.


Prague ham

pickel, horseradish, mustard, toast 110 Kč

Smoked tongue

with horseradish dip, toast 110 Kč

Smoked trout

mixed salad with yoghurt dressing, toast 210 Kč

Cheese plate

eidam, cheddar, gorgonzola, toast 170 Kč

Chicken heart BBQ

with mixed salad, toast 110 Kč

Pumpkin soup

50 Kč

Old Bohemian “Kulajda” with mushrooms

50 Kč

Chicken broth with chicken pieces

shreded pasta and vegetables50 Kč

Old Bohemian potato soup with mushrooms

50 Kč

Home made Cheeseburger

beef, cheddar, tomato,pickel 195 Kč

BBQ Burger

beef, fried onion, bacon 195 Kč

Deer steak

with herb butter, roasted mushrooms,
onion, garlic, rucola salad 345 Kč

Deer goulash

260 Kč

Grilled meat on skewer

pork, chicken, bacon 260 Kč

Grilled chicken steak

dried tomatoes, mix salad 190 Kč

Pork marinated in dark beer

pickled pepers, mustard 210 Kč

Roasted salmon fillet

grilled vegetables 260 Kč

Spaghetti Carbonara

180 Kč

Spaghetti with dried tomatoes

basil and parmesan170 Kč

Penne with gorgonzola

170 Kč

Beef goulash in bread bowl

210 Kč

1/4 roasted duck

cabbage 230 Kč

Roasted leg of rabbit with bacon

cabbage240 Kč

Czech roasted pork

cabbage180 Kč

Roasted pork knuckle

mustard, horseradish, pickle 280 Kč

Roasted pork ribs in plum sauce

320 Kč

Fried pork cutlet

180 Kč

Fried cheese

tartar sauce180 Kč

Cabbage salad with horseradish

60 Kč

Carrot salad with garlic

60 Kč

Mixed salad

60 Kč

Tomato salad

60 Kč

Mixed salad with Balkan cheese

70 Kč

Mixed salad with grilled chicken

140 Kč

Honey cake

70 Kč

Home made plum pie

59 Kč

Apple strudel

59 Kč

Ice cream

vanilla, chocolate, apricot, lemon, lime 35 Kč / scoop

Sorbet coctail

prosseco, lemon or lime ice cream 89 Kč

Pancake with ice cream

110 Kč

Pancake with home made marmelade

110 Kč


with home made orange jam 59 Kč


U Tří jelínků, Nerudova 206/4, 11800 Praha, Malá Strana

Opening time: Mo-Su 10:00 – 23:00

Reservation: 257 218 137